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Who are we?

Rent Barcelona is a Spanish company specialized in the renting of apartments for medium and long term rentals with properties in best areas of the Ciutat Vella, the historic quarter, of Barcelona. Minimum rental period is three months. We have furnished and unfurnished apartments, apartments with sea views or beside the city Cathedral, big and small and, what we are certain of is that you will love them and that you will always be well connected with the rest of the city. All of the apartments are owned by us in order to ensure the quality of service we want to give you so you avoid any unwanted surprises.

The Ciutat Vella literally means the “Old City”. It is the historic quarter originally surrounded by medieval walls, but it is also the new quarter of Barcelona. Since 1992, the historic barrio has been renovated and reinvigorated to become the centre of the new modern Barcelona. To live in the Ciutat Vella is to live in the Barcelona of today surrounded by the city’s cultural and spiritual heritage and walking distance from the sea. The majority of the monuments accumulated throughout the city’s history lie in this area. That is why we have concentrated our apartments in this exceptional area.

The team that makes up Rent Barcelona has lived in various places around the world before establishing themselves, one by one, in this fabulous city that is Barcelona. Like you now, we have been obliged to look for apartments in all possible ways. Tired of finding holes without light, flats that look more like closets or that the last time they painted them was when they were built, we have strived to create apartments that we ourselves would like to live in. To find that perfect place you had in mind when you thought of coming to this city. By refurbishing whole buildings which we felt had potential and that were faithful to the aesthetic history of the city we have completed redone the apartments within to equip them in a modern way and to decorate them in a pleasant and fun manner, away from those dull white hotels that you are forced to stay when in a foreign country. You will feel their warmth and the care that has been put into them as soon as you step in. We have been in the business for more than 25 years and we know what we want and what we don't want.

What do we offer?

We have 20 apartments in the best area around the Ciutat Vella, including the Barrio Gotico and the Barrio del Borne. These are available for medium and long term rental.

Settling in for some time in Barcelona? We have a great number of apartments in recently refurbished buildings.

We have studios, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for 1 to 4 persons. These vary between 35 m2 to 60 m2 at affordable prices.

The apartments are fully equipped, including:

  • Fully equipped kitchen (vitro kitchen, plates, washing machine and microwave)
  • Fully equipped bahroom (shower+hair dryer)
  • Dining room

Many of the apartments are fully furnished.

We are sure that once you come in you will say to yourself: this is the apartment I had in mind.

You can contact us by email on reservas@rentbarcelona.com or by phone on (+34)609 376 120 in order find out more about the flats or to arrange a meeting so you can see the properties.


Our clients:

We specialize in tenants with a sound financial background which are planning to stay 6 to 18 months in the city although longer term stays are not refused. We accept students and foreign nationals which are in the city finishing their studies or working.